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Zebra Rugs

Zebra Rugs on Canvas: A Soft + Bold Design

Reminiscing over 2011 and all the unique opportunities clients and friends have given me to create one-of-a-kind canvas rugs, I recalled in particular a black and beige stripe area rug painted for Frances. It was in fact, what many would consider a zebra rug, because of the flowing stripes. Traditional zebra rugs  bring to mind the feel of the jungle or a safari and thus creates a particular theme, or flavor, if you will.

We tend to equate the zebra with Africa, and thus zebra rugs promote the idea of an African décor interior design. Many zebra rugs are created using different colors so as to fit more easily with different colors. It is the irregular pattern of the zebra’s skin pattern (no two animals are alike, imagine!) that gives these stripes their unique statement.

In fact, this design element of clean white and black stripes are also very modern and can fit readily into a more contemporary interior design. It goes well with other black and white components in a room. The zebra is a unique animal and a custom zebra rug painted on canvas  says something about its owner: here is a unique person with their own style.  Such a design offers a bold statement and calls attention to the room as a centerpiece, no wall flower this!

Frances' Zebra Rug

Frances has an eclectic home with pieces of art she has collected from travels around the world. Those of us close to her sit in awe at her stories of India and other places she and her husband had lived over their long life together. When she called upon me for a new canvas rug in her home we decided on using black and beige flowing stripes; The walls in the living area are white decorated with art work framed in black.

Because Frances wanted a softer design on the floor, I painted the flowing stripes  in a variety of sizes, giving a soft movement that draws the eye towards the walls.  This particular zebra rug because of its larger stripes does not make an overwhelming or showy design statement. The final product is unique and a reflection of Frances, perfectly suited for her style and as unique and interesting as the lady herself!

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