Canvas Rugs Alfombras for Interior Design Costa Rica
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  • December4th

    Although the making and painting of canvas rug designs takes quite some time, this one took more than 30 hours, we edited the video to a fast speed, showing the actual painting of a recent custom canvas rug in just over 5 minutes. What do you think of the design? Leave your comment below or click your favorite SOCIAL button. Thanks! Laurel

  • June22nd

    Mexican Decor

    Mexican Décor Rug

    Canvas Area Rug Perfect for Mexican Décor

    A comment posted to one of our websites from an interior design professional was submitted inquiring about our canvas area rugs with an interest in a particular rug for a Mexican décor project.  Specifically, our Mexican Tile in blue.

    Often I am asked by interior designers about Read More | Comments

  • March27th

    Creating Nature Art for Your Home Décor

    Costa Rica is an inspiration to many an artist; the plant and animal life of both ocean and jungle provides a wide array of bright and colorful design ideas from which to create, what I call, nature art for my floor cloths. There are also a plethora of design ideas drawn from the insect world. Read More | Comments