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  • December21st

    Zebra Rugs

    Zebra Rugs on Canvas: A Soft + Bold Design

    Reminiscing over 2011 and all the unique opportunities clients and friends have given me to create one-of-a-kind canvas rugs, I recalled in particular a black and beige stripe area rug painted for Frances. It was in fact, what many would consider a zebra rug, because of the flowing stripes. Traditional zebra rugs  bring to mind the feel Read More | Comments

  • October15th

    Sea Shells Design B

    Baby Nursery Themes

    Baby Nursery Design Ideas

    Just recently on my Laurel’s Originals blog, I wrote about creative decorating ideas for baby nursery themes and decorating. It’s an idea, or niche, I plan to expand upon with my custom canvas rugs but for now, there are plenty of current designs that lend themselves perfectly to a baby’s nursery.

    As those of us who live in Costa Rica know, Read More | Comments

  • March27th

    Creating Nature Art for Your Home Décor

    Costa Rica is an inspiration to many an artist; the plant and animal life of both ocean and jungle provides a wide array of bright and colorful design ideas from which to create, what I call, nature art for my floor cloths. There are also a plethora of design ideas drawn from the insect world. Read More | Comments