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  • October4th

    Rugs: Transition from Fiber to Canvas

    gray rugs

    Creative Design Rugs

    I’ve always been an area rug type of woman. I love to decorate and, when I lived in the United States, I always liked the look of hardwood floors with area rugs on them. Having always lived in a climate with four distinct seasons, I had never contemplated area rug alternatives. And then I moved to Costa Rica.

    We brought only two area rugs with us but they were gorgeous and brand new. They looked fabulous, we loved them, but it immediately became clear that they were totally impractical in this climate. Not to mention three dogs going in and out of the house, and all of the mud that goes hand in hand with rainy season. And then I met Laurel and her canvas rugs; I knew they were the thing to have immediately. Read More | Comments

  • June16th

    Canvas Rugs & Floor Tile Design Patterns

    Tile Design Patterns

    Creative Tile Rug

    Choosing floor tile design patterns for a home can be both exciting and daunting. The floor is the biggest component in an interior design project and often gets left until last unless the home is under new construction. But what to do when redecorating a home and the floor tile patterns are not to your liking?

    It can be more of a daunting task to change out old tiles. A client preparing the opening of her beauty spa wanted to change the floor tiles to a river rock tile design.  But she was renting the space and did not want to invest pulling up an entire floor. She opted instead for hand painted canvas rugs with a floor tile design pattern Read More | Comments

  • April3rd

    Festival Attendees Embrace Innovative Art Form as Own

    FIA Canvas Rugs DIsplay

    Innovative Art Form for Costa Rica

    It seems contradictory almost that one of the most innovative ideas to come into Costa Rica is an art form created in the 1400’s. Such was the response from the locals upon viewing my hand painted canvas rugs during the 2012 International Festival of the Arts (FIA) in San Jose, Costa Rica.

    When I arrived in Costa Rica 35 years ago, Ticos were fond of saying, “No estamos acostumbrados.”  Translated it means, “We are not accustomed to that.”  At that time, Costa Ricans in general were not open to new ideas or different ways of doing things. At the art festival, however, Read More | Comments

  • March7th

    Customize For a Natural Fiber Rug

    Natural Fiber Rug on Canvas

    A new client, an interior designer, informed me that she was looking for a natural fiber rug that, “…is not a natural fiber rug.”  Upon arrival to the studio she confessed, “I don’t know how this works, [creating a custom canvas rug] so I’ll just have to bumble along.”  For most interior professionals in Costa Rica, canvas rugs are a completely new and novel product; I assured the designer she was in good hands and that the process, as well as the end result, would prove to be a positive experience.

    Every design, idea or vision for a custom canvas rug is a new experience, which is why I enjoy this work so much!

    Because tropical homes are designed, usually, with an openness to incorporate Mother Nature’s setting (rain forest, beach, and mountain) there is an Read More | Comments

  • February23rd

    How to Create the Perfect Custom Rug

    Custom Rug

    Recently, a potential client submitted an email requesting a quote for a canvas custom rug. As you’ll read, the writer provided lots of detail about what she was after and the particulars concerning a custom rug for her kitchen dining area. My reply (and quote) follows.

    In sharing this letter, it is my goal to encourage anyone who is considering a custom rug to Read More | Comments

  • January17th

    Runner Rugs

    Runner Rugs: A Place in Every Home

    Runner rugs are extremely versatile and serve many purposes in a home*. They provide a focal point or define an area of interest. They can also be placed in any room: in front of the kitchen sink, an entryway or hallway or flowing down a flight of stairs.  And such rugs can be changed with the seasons or per your mood! Read More | Comments

  • December21st

    Zebra Rugs

    Zebra Rugs on Canvas: A Soft + Bold Design

    Reminiscing over 2011 and all the unique opportunities clients and friends have given me to create one-of-a-kind canvas rugs, I recalled in particular a black and beige stripe area rug painted for Frances. It was in fact, what many would consider a zebra rug, because of the flowing stripes. Traditional zebra rugs  bring to mind the feel Read More | Comments

  • September7th

    Many people who are looking for the best place to retire are taking a look at Costa Rica and specifically Costa Rica beaches. Costa Rica has two coasts and the translation of Costa Rica means Rich Coast. When I came to this country 34 years ago it was as a young woman in love with the tropics and looking for surf. I found myself on the Caribbean coast and met a young man who was starting up an ornamental plant business, with a farm on the beach. And so I stayed. Read More | Comments

  • June22nd

    Mexican Decor

    Mexican Décor Rug

    Canvas Area Rug Perfect for Mexican Décor

    A comment posted to one of our websites from an interior design professional was submitted inquiring about our canvas area rugs with an interest in a particular rug for a Mexican décor project.  Specifically, our Mexican Tile in blue.

    Often I am asked by interior designers about Read More | Comments

  • October23rd

    canvas rugs in costa rica

    Paw Print Canvas Rug

    Designer Rugs in Costa Rica

    Upon joining a new group, Professional Women’s  Networking Group, an interest group of the established Women’s Club of Costa Rica, I met a young lady who writes for the Tico Times and as we chatted about our respective careers, she offered to interview me  for an article about my canvas designer rugs in the Tico Times. Read More | Comments