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Stripe design

Using Stripes for Interior Design Ideas

The challenge: a creative interior design idea for a striped rug (on order by a local interior design company) that would prove elegant yet work well with different furniture styles and home décor.  This striped rug was to go on display within the interior design showroom.

Incorporating stripes in variety of ways can add so much to a room’s décor. Upon walls, painting stripes of similar tones can generate a soothing and refreshing feel such as creams and beige, pale blues and greens. A wonderful way of using stripes when painting a wall is to use the same color in both matte and satin. This gives texture and provides a rich, more subtle effect.Alternately, using contrasting colors will add a snazzy snap for an entirely different look and feel, such as mango and sunflower colors which can add warmth to a room.

When applying stripes to walls, keep in mind that horizontal stripes will make a room look larger while vertical stripes adds an illusion of height. Overall, wide stripes produce a gay appeal; narrow stripes are more formal.

Striped Rug for Décor

Painting walls in stripes is a big commitment so if such a project seems a bit too daunting consider instead a striped rug.  Stripes in rugs can be made for any décor and provide for a fresh and fun focal point of a room. Using a canvas rug, however, allows for the perfect selection of colors and customization of the striped rug to fit with your interior design idea. Such an option allows you to combine colors from walls and furniture to bring a room together.

A striped rug brings movement and life to a room. They can be used in such creative ways, but are not limited to only straight stripes; with diagonal stripes the eye is drawn to focal points within the room.  Point in case, a recent project for us was that of custom striped rugs with a zig-zag effect…generating a lively feeling for the Cristal House here in Costa Rica.

We have been painting stripes on our canvas rugs for many years. Often, we will add a selected stamp design within a few stripes, to give added interest. Stripes also work well for the border of a canvas rug with perhaps a simple weave design in its center. allows the use of stripes to combine colors in the décor but not take over a room.

Finished Product: The striped rug made for the interior design company was softened by painting wave-like stripes in soft green colors with just a touch of coppery brown. At the moment it is on display of the showroom floor of our most esteemed client, Tamarindo Pacific Interiors. As the picture indicates, the brown couch picks up the coppery brown flowing throughout the striped rug’s color. To give the solid colors depth and texture sponging techniques were applied.

Keep this interior design idea of utilizing a striped rug as part of a new or re-do décor in mind for your next project; simply apply imagination, a bold stroke, and stripes can be a fun and beautiful way of making a room shine with personality.

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