Canvas Rugs Alfombras for Interior Design Costa Rica
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Canvas Rugs ~ Costa Rica

Canvas Rug Sizes, Installation & Maintenance

Custom Mexican Tile Design Canvas RugsIn an effort to best utilize the most from the cotton canvas material used in making canvas rugs, we have worked out standard sizes of our finished product.  We prefer to waste as little as possible.  These rug sizes work well as to what clients are looking for in relation to decorating their homes, businesses and hotels.

As more people in Costa Rica have been introduced to canvas rugs, custom sizes have become a popular option. The octagonal rug, for example, came about when a client had requested a round canvas rug. Again, the waste factor determined the octagonal design a better option.  It is now a favorite choice for a custom rug. We can accommodate larger sized canvas rugs, however, a discussion with Laurel is recommended before ordering.

Standard Canvas Rugs Sizes

The following are standard sizes. Any canvas rug design shown on the Designs page can be made to these dimensions.

Mat Rug: 27″ x 43″ or 2.25′ x 3.58′  (8 sq. ft)

Runner Rug: 27″ x 72″ or 2.25′ x 6′ (13.5 sq. ft)

Area Rug: 48″ x 72″ or 4′ x 6′ (24 sq. ft)

Large Area Rug: 60″ x 96″ or 4.9′ x 8′ (39.2 sq. ft)

Custom Canvas Rugs Sizes

Octagonal Canvas Rugs: this particular canvas rug is a custom size with a choice of any of our standard Designs or with a custom design. It is the option we offer in place of a round rug. Actual diameter of the rug size can also be customized.

Large Canvas Rugs can be made to almost any specification, in terms of size. Due to the limitation of width of the cotton canvas material, however, piecing of the material is necessary to make large rugs. This results in a seam(s) barely visible, dependent of various factors such as floor type and the painted design on the rug. Large canvas rugs are a great option for warming up a large area, providing cushion and sound absorption and of course, providing design and color to a large room.

A Note About Installations & Maintenance

Installation of canvas rugs requires the floor area to be clean and dry. Once the exact placement is confirmed, the canvas rug is unfurled and secured to the flooring with a pliable putty (provided for each rug).  A bit of time is required to allow the rug to ‘relax’ from its rolled state and straightens out typically within a couple of hours.

We encourage and recommend you allow Canvas Rugs Costa Rica  installation of  larger rugs and/or larger orders.  An appointment will be required and a small fee charged, depending on location.

Maintenance instructions (in both Spanish and English) are included with all canvas rug orders. Although care of these rugs is minimal, we have discovered often times cleaning persons or crews are not given proper instruction as to how to care for them. Using too much water on or surrounding the rugs is not a good thing.  A damp mop or rag is all that is required to keep them clean of surface dirt.

Within traffic areas of sand, pebbles, or dirt, these elements can lodge underneath the canvas rugs; this is easily remedied.  Simply ply the putty away from the floor, sweep, mop and allow floor surface to dry before replace rug in its position and re-secure the putty to floor and rug.

Canvas rugs are sturdy and will last years with minimal fuss.  Proper care is all that is required.