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Creating Nature Art for Your Home Décor

Costa Rica is an inspiration to many an artist; the plant and animal life of both ocean and jungle provides a wide array of bright and colorful design ideas from which to create, what I call, nature art for my floor cloths. There are also a plethora of design ideas drawn from the insect world.

While researching for a new large area rug I discovered a beautiful photo book on insects.  Drawing from the intricate markings on the backs of beetles, caterpillars, and the wings of moths and butterflies, I began to sketch patterns.

This particular floor cloth will be placed in a living room, in close proximity to the dining room which has a burnt orange Mexican tile design canvas rug under the dining table. A complimentary color was necessary to the existing large area rug and I decided upon a violet- lilac base color. Wanting a completely different interior décor look, this rich color goes beautiful with the pale sage green couch, and contrasts with the orange tones in the wood floor.

Purple RugUsing the same four-petal flower stamp used in the canvas rug beneath the dining table will tie in the two rugs. The border of the purple rug will be akin to painted tiles, each design taken from the back of an insect. Only nature’s art will be discernible, and no, you won’t say eeeww!…what bug is that?

Making a custom hand painted canvas area rug for any home opens up a world of ideas. Several of my clients choose to copy an existing design, seeing and knowing exactly what their rug will look like. Others, often more adventurous or artistically inclined, will see aspects of designs previously created and want to marry or mix designs to come up with a completely new design.  They see something different which nobody else could have imagined, such as the turtle back rug design that an interior designer envisioned.

With a little imagination a canvas rug becomes a piece of original art for the floor, one that will make your interior décor truly a piece of self expression.  From subtle earthy colors to bright bold tropical colors nature art designs taken from the bark of the tree, the shades of an ocean or sunset, the designs from the backs of a bug or the myriad of colors in a single leaf offer endless design possibilities.

Considering the details of nature’s glory is a wonderful way of creating an individual statement for your home decor and bringing forth a piece of nature art into your interior design.

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