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Customize For a Natural Fiber Rug

Natural Fiber Rug on Canvas

A new client, an interior designer, informed me that she was looking for a natural fiber rug that, “…is not a natural fiber rug.”  Upon arrival to the studio she confessed, “I don’t know how this works, [creating a custom canvas rug] so I’ll just have to bumble along.”  For most interior professionals in Costa Rica, canvas rugs are a completely new and novel product; I assured the designer she was in good hands and that the process, as well as the end result, would prove to be a positive experience.

Every design, idea or vision for a custom canvas rug is a new experience, which is why I enjoy this work so much!

Because tropical homes are designed, usually, with an openness to incorporate Mother Nature’s setting (rain forest, beach, and mountain) there is an inclination to extend a natural feel within the home. And, often the interior design theme for such tropical homes integrates natural materials in furniture (rattan), window treatments (bamboo blinds) and rugs (sisal/jute).

A natural fiber rug such as jute or sisal is a typical, and until more recent, the only choice for floor rugs in Costa Rica. Over the past few years many interior designers have come to me with this question:  How can we create hand-painted custom canvas rugs that mimic natural fibers?

Interior design professionals prefer flexibility and freedom to come up with custom sizes and shapes when it comes to floor rugs. At Laurel’s Originals, we are constantly experimenting with different mediums to stamp and create different effects for a natural fiber look.

Process + Design for a Natural  Fiber Rug Look

Tamarindo Pacific, one of the most exclusive design firms in Costa Rica, requested a 10’ x 12’ canvas rug depicting a natural fiber look. We presented them a sample using actual jute fiber that had been painted and pressed on  canvas creating a much textured look.  The paints used included Nomadic Desert, a beautiful shade of beige along with two darker colors, one Hopsack, appropriately named for the effect we were after!

Jute Stamped Design

Another natural material for creating unique patterns for a canvas rug, which is not a fiber but has a stunning effect, is the natural sea sponge. Depending upon the amount of paint and pressure used to press onto the painted canvas, different patterns emerge. This sponge effect was the selected design for the design firm utilizing the same neutral beige colors.

Once completed, the movement and life of this subtle design coupled with the soft colors was a delightful surprise. The end result reminds me of sea-washed sand; another part of why I love this creative process so much: every project is a wonderful surprise in the end.

So whether you are looking for a jute rug, a sisal rug or any natural fiber rug, a canvas rug can give you the effect of a natural rug with the added benefit of customizing.  Click here to learn more: about canvas rugs for interior design.

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