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Mexican Decor

Mexican Décor Rug

Canvas Area Rug Perfect for Mexican Décor

A comment posted to one of our websites from an interior design professional was submitted inquiring about our canvas area rugs with an interest in a particular rug for a Mexican décor project.  Specifically, our Mexican Tile in blue.

Often I am asked by interior designers about the color palette offered. I suggest visiting a Sherwin Williams paint store and there you will find your palette! When a color number is sent to me I can get the exact shade needed for a custom or specific color.

This comment led to a new project with the interior designer located in New York; she wanted to be sure of the weight and quality of the product before ordering a large rug for her client who desired a  Mexican décor theme. I sent her one of our hand painted canvas dog mats as a sample not only for this client but for any future clients interested in our canvas area rugs.

At this point I asked why she was not ordering from one of the leading canvas floor cloth makers in the USA, Lisa Mair, whom resides in Connecticut, much closer proximity. Her reply was that Lisa specializes in historic colonial designs and her client was enamored with my Mexican tile area rug with blue as the primary color.

Ahhh, but what hue of blue is the question, there are so many choices. The designer provided the specific color codes for this project: an incredibly bright shade of blue with a deep rich golden yellow for the borders. This was a new twist on colors to be used for the Mexican decor tile rug and I looked forward to the painting of it and seeing the results unfold.

Upon applying the base coats the next step is determining the size of the tiles on the Mexican décor rug:

  • how wide to make the blue border along the edges?
  • how many tiles per side?
  • how wide the strips of border around the tiles which represent grout?

For me this is the most time consuming aspect, doing the math to make the tiles in scale to the size of the entire rug.

After painting the strip of beige along the perimeter of the area rug, where the simulated tiles are painted, each tile and the borders are marked. I hand tint each tile with a wash to give them an antiqued look, and then draw each design onto the tiles in the color it is to be painted.

At this point in the project, I was so excited with the results; I e-mailed my client, the interior designer, and told her how we were progressing and that the Mexican décor area rug would likely be finished ahead of schedule.

She was glad to hear from me. When raving about her color choices she said it was a Provencal look, and that I was free to include it in my repertoire! I then proceeded to paint the individual tiles and borders; and after several days of drying time, just to make sure (it is rainy season here so the drying time differs seasonally), we finished the canvas rug by applying several coats of a new type of water-based varnish which dries much more quickly.

This hand painted canvas rug for a Mexican décor project is now on its way to its new home in New York City. It was expertly rolled around a tube and packed in cardboard and will arrive in just two days. I know my new client and her client will be thrilled with the vibrant colors, the hand painted look, the weight and flexibility and the ease of caring for this piece of art for the floor. We hope to post a photo of our work in its new home, because for us, the piece isn’t finished until it’s installed.

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