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Interior Design Ideas

Four Seasons Costa Rica Custom Rug

Custom Rug Interior Design Ideas Generated for Four Seasons Costa Rica Condo

Daniel, one of the top designers in the country, asked me to collaborate with him to generate some interior design ideas for a canvas custom rug; this project for a client’s beach condo at the prestigious Four Seasons, Costa Rica in Guanacaste, our northern province.

Reviewing photographs of the outdoor living area on the porch where the rug was to be installed, we took into consideration the patio furniture with its many shades of brown and throughout the general décor of the home, subtle hints of light blue.

While perusing a variety of patterns, a particular design jumped out at me; I held my breath waiting for a response from Daniel. His eyes came across it and excitedly exclaimed, ” How about this one?”  Yeah! The Blue Crab rug, as we named it, was born.

This was to be one continuous design over the entire custom rug’s surface.

Previously, for another interior design idea on which we had worked together, the turtle rug design (fourth from left, top row), the size of the design matters greatly in its overall effect for a custom rug. Daniel had sent me a photo of the selected pattern and upon printing it; I recognized this too would need consideration for creating the right size of the design.

The indoor outdoor rug required dimensions of 7’ x 10’ was to incorporate two colors of paint: brown and blue. A custom stamp needed to be made to imprint the continuous design over its vast surface. If we used too small a print, the pattern would hardly be discernible in such a large rug, it would look busy and the detail likely lost. But then again, if the pattern detail was too grand, the motion in the printed design might not provide the desired effect with the overall interior design ideas for this project.

Sizing of DesignI repeat: the size of the design is part of the design.

Working out different measurements we came up with a 24” x 24” pattern. To make the stamp: first things first…off to the photocopiers to make samples for the design. Next, I chose a thick cardboard as the base for the stamp.  I cut the design from my trusty artists foam and soon had a large stamp with the design ready to go.

To give the final result a bit of texture, I came up with the idea of sponging on the same shade of blue on top of the first base coat. This doesn’t appear to make a difference when the paint is dried, but when the final varnish is applied the two colors that have been sponged, is depicted from the base coat, thus providing just the right texture for the custom rug.

As the stamp is applied the paint does not distribute evenly, and this also gives the rug interesting texture. The design, mostly swirling circles, as I put the stamps together, needed the addition of hand painted connecting lines to make the design continuous.

The border was painted and I added a coat of varnish to the underside to help protect it more from moisture (oh, the lessons learned!) that might enter onto the covered porch in a torrential rain storm.

Once the custom rug was installed, the client proudly shared his interior design ideas with photographs; he and the Blue Crab custom rug are happy in their new Four Seasons, Costa Rica home.

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