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Floorcloths DesignsBecause many people in Costa Rica are unfamiliar with floorcloths, more commonly known as canvas rugs, there is a question I am asked frequently: what goes into the making of a floor cloth?  My answer is usually: lots of work!

Per a suggestion from a Costa Rica interior design professional whom I work with often in creating custom rugs,  writing a brief overview of the various steps involved may be helpful for others perusing this website to learn how floorcloths are made.

  • The design process is the first and most crucial beginning. Although Canvas Rugs Costa Rica offers in-house designs, many interior designers opt for custom rugs.  And for that process, a series of ideas, sketches and options are rendered to determine the ideal design for a custom rug.
  • Once the design has been established,  selecting the right size for the floorcloths is step two.  Canvas rugs can be made in various sizes and shapes including runners, octagonal, small and large area rugs, even round rugs.  We offer specific standard sizes as well as custom sized rugs.
  • Step three includes preshrinking the 100% cotton canvas material  allowing enough material for the appropriate hem selected.  The canvas hem is then sewn on all sides with mitered corners.  With larger custom canvas rugs, a seam is expertly taped to bring larger cut pieces together as one. With the finishing process seams are  not noticeable and hold up to heavy foot traffic.
  • The fourth step in making floorcloths is the application of the base coat; the base coat is the color foundation for the rug’s design.  It also helps to prepare and cure the material for application of the painted design work.  All of our designs can be made to any color combination of choice.

Once the base coat has dried the art begins! Applying various techniques, such as sponging, stamping, free-hand and/or stenciling, the floor cloth comes alive with a selected design.

Last but not least, several coats of polyurethane varnish are applied to protect the art and allow for easy maintenance of canvas rugs providing years of interior decor enjoyment. Oh, and just to be clear…these rugs are durable and made to be walked upon!

Feel free to ask a question or comment about canvas rugs / floorcloths.



  • Comment by tina bullerdick — September 9, 2012 @ 9:36 pm

    I so enjoy your website. Question: do I need to use turtle wax after my many coats of polyurethane and what is the most durable polyurethane? Do I coat the underside also? thank you in advance. tina

  • Comment by Laurel — September 10, 2012 @ 4:51 pm

    Hi Tina! So glad you enjoy the site. I am not familiar with turtle wax, they use that for cars, correct? I have used a paste wax that we have for wood floors here in Costa Rica. I’ll do this if the rug has been on the floor for awhile and I want to restore the luster, it also helps to protect the rug. I don’t do it very often because then there is the build up of wax. Try the turtle wax on a small sample and see how that works for you.As to polyurethane, I have different brands available here, but my favorite is Minwax Water based polyurethane. Lisa Mair, my floor cloth guru, uses Sherwin Williams Sherclear water based polyurethane, so there you have two recommendations.

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