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Canvas Rugs & Floor Tile Design Patterns

Tile Design Patterns

Creative Tile Rug

Choosing floor tile design patterns for a home can be both exciting and daunting. The floor is the biggest component in an interior design project and often gets left until last unless the home is under new construction. But what to do when redecorating a home and the floor tile patterns are not to your liking?

It can be more of a daunting task to change out old tiles. A client preparing the opening of her beauty spa wanted to change the floor tiles to a river rock tile design.  But she was renting the space and did not want to invest pulling up an entire floor. She opted instead for hand painted canvas rugs with a floor tile design pattern taken from a photo of  river rock tiles. We created a stamp that once applied to a black background gave each rock depth and texture with all of the tones she specifically called for to coordinate with the interior décor.

Mexican Tile Terracota B

Mexican Floor Tile Design Patterns

This is creating floor tile design patterns at its best: You want a particular design but with certain colors.  We can do that. For years we have been fascinated with Mexican floor tile designs – the authentic Mexican tile because they are hand painted. Each of the tiles on our canvas rugs are hand painted (and tinted) as well, to give that priceless, aged look. Although we use the designs taken directly from traditional Mexican tiles we have often play with the ‘grout’ colors surrounding the tiles and the base color of the canvas rug to match exactly the colors required for the interior design specifications.  For an example see custom kitchen rug in blue.

Recreating a Tile Floor Design

Our newest venture into hand painting floor tile design patterns came to us via Susan, who once lived in Bali and now resides in Costa Rica. She showed me a photo of a home in Bali with a terra cotta floor tile design framing a border of green tiles, with yet another border of cheery yellow tiles and an ivy design.

Susan liked the tile look and decided on a canvas rug to replicate floor tiles would work with the décor and dark terra cotta flooring in her home.  She requested the canvas rug to incorporate a green tiled border with a yellow and green ivy design border and at the center – yellow tiles.  I especially enjoyed implementing the hand tinting technique for the yellow tiles in the center; it makes the tiles look  3-dimensional as opposed to a flat yellow background.

Tile Designs

Whether you are decorating, redecorating or redesigning a home and the option of replacing tiles is too complicated or costly, or you want a fresh new look to compliment the floors you have, a hand painted canvas rug with your specifications of floor tile design patterns is a creative and wonderful way to go!

Got a project in mind?  Contact me and I’ll be delighted to brainstorm canvas rug design ideas for your interior project.

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