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Painted Floor ClothsPainted rugs have been in use for centuries, popular during colonial times and commonly referred to as floor cloths. From their humble beginnings as a way to prevent wear and tear from shoes and boots, and to capture crumbs and dirt, painted canvas rugs are now a popular addition for just about any room of the home.

Benefits of Floor Cloths

Durability: Canvas rugs are among the most durable. Take care of them and you can expect them to last for decades. This is perfect for high-traffic areas of the home, such as the hallway or the kitchen, as they won’t wear away by being walked on too much. They’re also perfect if you’ve got children or pets who don’t generally take care of your rugs!

Low Profile: These kinds of rugs are very low lying on the ground. This means they’re suitable for all kinds of areas, whether you want to keep them in front of doors and cupboards, or in your kids’ play area for them to play games on, they won’t interfere with normal functioning of the home.

Stain Resistant: Painted rugs are very resistant to stains thanks to the protective layer added. This basically means that any spills can be mopped up with a damp cloth, and it’s extremely difficult for any stains to take hold. Most other rugs will absorb liquids and stain far more easily. This is another reason why canvas rugs usually outlive thick pile rugs by years.

Won’t Collect Dust: Due to the low pile height, it’s far easier for vacuum cleaners to cleaners to get out any dirt. However, canvas painted rugs really don’t trap any dirt thanks to the protective layer. And they don’t collect dust and mites that will flare up anyone’s allergies!

Custom Area Rugs: Designs for Floor Cloths

When choosing a painted floor cloth as an area rug, it’s important to incorporate colors and design into your current décor. Because they are hand painted, you can often find more unique styles than you would with other types of rug. You’ll get a one of kind rug that people will always notice when they walk into your home!

Because of the unlimited possibilities regarding the design of your canvas rug, you can create the kind of atmosphere that you need to. This means that they work well in modern homes, with contemporary patterns and bold shapes, though they can also add the perfect accent to more traditionally styled houses. For brainstorming ideas, visit our designs page.

Why Are Painted Floor Cloths So Popular?

As noted above, there are a number of benefits to choosing hand-painted canvas rugs for your home, which is why they are now such a popular interior décor choice.

In fact, canvas painted floor cloths really are “floor art.” They can fit wonderfully under furniture, but are also perfect for larger open areas as they feel very comfortable to walk on and withstand lots of foot traffic. If you want a unique piece of art that’s functional as well as decorative, and will stand the tests of time (even in busy areas), then a canvas rug really is the best option.

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