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Out of Bounds Custom MatCustomized Door Mat

A hotel and tourist center, Out of Bounds in Escazu, Costa Rica, was one of our very first clients for creating a custom door mat for their entrance.  A distinctive logo incoporates a green tree frog with a unique style to the hotel name… as if an off-road vehicle ran over it.

Replicating the company logo was interesting, fun and a challenge to create onto a 27″ x 43″ canvas rug; the drawing was taken from their business card as opposed to a graph drawing, which I had to create.

Recently, the hotel owner contacted me and asked for a replacement for  her custom door mat; the original had suffered damage due to a guest’s suitcase wheels. Not wanting to re-create a new graph, I took the actual rug and traced the design with clear tracing paper, then traced it again using carbon paper to transfer the logo onto a new prepped canvas.

Placed in front of their reception desk, the entrance partially exposed to the elements, the custom door mat had received plenty of rain and hundreds, nay…thousands, of feet crossing over it during the course of three years. The owners felt it had lived a good life and were happy to order a new custom canvas rug.

I am constantly improving upon our products, through new techniques and new types of paint or varnish, in order to make our products more durable, and more aesthetically pleasing. One such change is that of a water-based varnish.  This provides a custom door mat rugs, and all of our canvas rugs, more flexibility which protects it from any cracking that might occur during moving.

Previously, I had varnished the underside of all canvas rugs with an oil-based varnish but it had created a problem with the flexibility. Although not a general practice to varnish the backside of a canvas rug,  this particular door mat  needed extra protection considering its commercial use and exposure to the elements.

The Learning Process for Custom Mat Making

My custom door mat, canvas rug guru is Lisa Mair, who has 17 years of experience making hand painted canvas rugs in Vermont. I had read an article about her rugs and thought “Wow! That’s perfect for Costa Rica! and proceeded to order her book online and from this, Canvas Rugs Costa Rica was under way.

Since then, over four years ago, Lisa has graciously lent me her expertise on many subjects concerning the making of hand painted canvas rugs and floor mats. From her book, Floorcloth Magic, I had learned how to piece  canvas material together to make larger canvas rugs. At that time I used tape and while it looked beautiful I still wanted something more aesthetically pleasing. Thanks to Lisa, we employ a new technique that pieces the canvas together making the seam imperceptible. It is something we can do with a little help from friends who bring me the magic ingredients from the states; and no, sorry, I can’t divulge Lisa’s secrets!

Out of Bounds will soon have their new and improved custom door mat in place; their unique logo will be displayed on the floor for years to come.  And when jagged luggage wheels attack, their canvas rug will be better prepared. Click to browse for custom door mat ideas with canvas rugs.


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