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canvas rugs in costa rica

Paw Print Canvas Rug

Designer Rugs in Costa Rica

Upon joining a new group, Professional Women’s  Networking Group, an interest group of the established Women’s Club of Costa Rica, I met a young lady who writes for the Tico Times and as we chatted about our respective careers, she offered to interview me  for an article about my canvas designer rugs in the Tico Times.

It’s always a thrill to see yourself in the media, but what I most appreciated was how well balanced the article was written.  My sincere thanks to Chrissie Long for the article and to the Tico Times for the exposure.

Introducing something new in Costa Rica usually takes awhile to catch on.  And canvas rugs are no exception.  When I first began, two years ago, it was mostly friends who purchased my rugs. But as I pounded the sand and the pavement introducing myself and my unique rugs to interior designers, design architects, developers, hotels and business owners and others, the concept of using a cotton canvas as an alternative to traditional rugs, has taken hold.

Interior Designers: Visionaries

If  I had chose one thing that has attributed to the growth of my business in relation to painting and making canvas rugs,  it would have to be the expansion in my design work brought forth by creative interior design professionals. Working with interior designers, true visionaries in my opinion, hold an uncanny ability to create unique and special living spaces, often with unlikely suggestions, i.e. a turtle’s back*.

When one of my first big jobs appeared, it was for custom hotel rugs. The client, drawn to my yellow bamboo design, asked if the rug could be made beyond the sizes I had available; in other words…a large bamboo rug. The project presented unknown challenges but the in the end it was a successful addition to the hotel’s decor.  What I gleaned from that project was that when a designer or creative person envisions a particular canvas rug,  I must allow my creative abilities to go with the flow and remain fearless in trying something new.

Working with top interior designers here in Costa Rica, the level if creativity and trust combined with  the nuggets of lessons learned, makes the entire process of creating custom rugs one of the most enjoyable aspects of helping interior professionals bring their vision to life.

Art Appreciation

With several new upcoming projects, (one of which is a double-sided canvas rug to be placed on a glass floor!), it is art appreciation of the design work that provides the fodder to propel my growth as an artist.  For it continues to expand into ways I never thought imaginable.  When first this idea to make canvas rugs for Costa Rica materialized, my art had been primarily drawn from that found in nature, but the more involved I become with others in the design field, the wider my scope of applying new ideas into the art of making canvas rugs.

Very soon we’ll be adding photos to this site of designer rugs created for interior designer’s custom projects, as well as photos of my designs made for private residences.  If you’ re looking for something new or a different way to add some artistic application to an interior design project…canvas rugs are an ideal consideration; please contact me for an appointment.


* the story behind the turtle back design post will be added soon.

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