Canvas Rugs Alfombras for Interior Design Costa Rica
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Creating Custom Canvas Rugs

Basket Weave Canvas RugWhen we first introduced canvas rugs to Costa Rica the response from both interior decorators and customers was a bit humorous; they grasped the idea of art for floors yet respectfully would walk around the rugs as opposed to walking or standing on them.

It was only when Laurel stood on the canvas rugs and encouraged them to do so did they truly understand that these rugs were functional as well as an unique  product for interior decorating.

Several top Interior Design firms in Costa Rica have embraced Canvas Rugs Costa Rica as one of their primary resources for custom interior design projects.  One of our first interior design clients,  Tamarindo Pacific Interiors, immediately recognized the value of the canvas rugs’  design aspect as well as the easy maintenance for a hotel they had been commissioned to decorate.  Selecting the Basket Weave design, they opted for a larger size for a double bed  suite (photo above).

Soon after wards, another opportunity presented itself when Tamarindo Pacific Interiors’ designer Daniel Mojica was given the creative assignment to work with Laurel and come up with an entirely new custom design for a new client.

Canvas Rug Design ProcessIdeas flew back and forth between Daniel and Laurel.  Colors had to be  exact, the tortoise shell design required a few renditions and the process brought forth the idea of a sewn canvas border.

Laurel suggested keeping the interior portion of the design simple to accent the decorative and bold border design.  The end result for this custom canvas rug is shown above in the gallery (top of this page).

Custom Area Rug

Another top interior designer in Costa Rica, Indigo Homes, had a new condo project utilized as a part-time vacation home.   Indigo Homes had completed the client’s color choices and design ideas when they contacted Laurel for two custom canvas rugs for the dining room and living room.

Drawn to the standard stripes design, Laurel recommended incorporating stripes as a border, with a more neutral center.  Making certain that the blues and browns in the rugs matched the decor was  an easy task using Sherman Williams’ color charts.  The rugs truly helped to define the rooms and added the finishing decorator’s touch.

Comments From Our Clients …

“What I like the most is your flexibility to translate my ideas, yours as well as the client’s into that horizontal, functional, marvelous piece of artwork!”
- Daniel Mojica, Tamarindo Pacific Interiors, Costa Rica

“ Laurel,  they [3 canvas rugs] are wonderful! Thank you so much!”
- Jill Eichner, USA

“…In our hotel, the rugs see constant traffic and always look great.”
- Teri Jampol, Rosa Blanca Hotel, Costa Rica

Starting the Process of a Custom Canvas Rug

We suggest that first you preview the design page for ideas, and the size page to determine if the rug size you need is a standard or custom.  There will also be the decision on type of border.  Laurel can explain and show the different options available.  An appointment will be necessary if a site visit is required.  An agreement for design work will be provided as well as payment information.  Ready to get the process rolling?  Contacting Laurel is the first step in creating a custom canvas rug.  See Contact page .