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Custom Rugs

Custom Rugs

Creating Custom Rugs for any Room or Décor

Whether moving into a new house or remodeling your home, custom rugs provide a unique design aspect.  The following account is that of a recent project for that very thing.

Susan recently completed the building of her new home, nestled amongst the trees on her coffee farm in Costa Rica. During the six months of dry weather the trees provide cool shade and relief from the glaring and often hot rays of sun. The walls of her home are light and cool colors which frame her beautiful collections of art from Indonesia.

Susan also has a lovely collection of area rugs, none of which are contemporary; such would not fit into her relaxed, eclectic and ethnic décor. The rugs are displayed about the tile flooring giving definition to specific areas and creating a cozy effect. But her dilemma was what to use as a rug for her bathroom and here is where we put our heads together. The goal was to come up with a custom rug design that would work well with the natural materials used throughout the main bathroom.

I love the shower in Susan’s home because it has no curtain or door, just a partial glass block wall.  This design is terrific, but it may generate some spray from the shower head onto the bathroom floor.  Not a problem though with custom canvas rugs; a simple wipe with a mop or towel will dry it instantly. In this climate, you don’t want to encourage mildew from wet or damp rugs.

Using a canvas custom rug works really well in the bathroom. It lays flat allowing a door to glide over it easily. It can be made to accommodate any size or layout required, for example: in front of the sink as well as in front of the toilet.

custom rugs

Custom Rug: Pebbles Design

But what painted design on the canvas would work best?  A great technique used here in Costa Rica for counter tops, and one that Susan had created in her bathroom, is that of using small pebbles in concrete. Just prior to the setting of the concrete, it is washed to give a textured look, with small pebbles (or sea shells) protruding from the concrete. Bringing a bit of nature indoors, if you will and providing an interesting design element. We decided to carry this idea to the floor with another custom area rugs design I had done, one that I call “pebbles.”

Many times a client may take a design I’ve previously created and tweak a few things to make their own version of a custom design. Just changing the background gives the detail an entirely different look. Which is what Susan decided upon.

A hand painted custom rug can be very detailed and offer a center of focus to a room. Or it can blend in and give wholeness to the general design.  By the same token, the same rug can look different on varied backgrounds, from a dark wood floor to light tiles.

We love to create new and unique designs but it warms our hearts to recreate designs and see how they look in each unique environment. And to each person that builds their new home, an expression of themselves in every swatch of paint and light fixture we extend our congratulations.

Home sweet home is very rewarding indeed….especially when adding  custom rugs. To learn more about the process of creating canvas custom rugs click here!

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