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How to Create the Perfect Custom Rug

Custom Rug

Recently, a potential client submitted an email requesting a quote for a canvas custom rug. As you’ll read, the writer provided lots of detail about what she was after and the particulars concerning a custom rug for her kitchen dining area. My reply (and quote) follows.

In sharing this letter, it is my goal to encourage anyone who is considering a custom rug to provide as much information to the artist/floor cloth maker; It helps us to get a really good idea of what it is you are after in terms of a custom rug.*

Hello, I am interested in a floor cloth [canvas custom rug] for our kitchen floor and I have a few questions about our situation.

We have a hardwood floor, with a pedestal table and rolling kitchen chairs. The house is a little crooked so the chairs roll away from the table if we don’t have something providing a little friction.

We need a solution that is easy to have the chairs roll up and back.  All four chairs won’t be on the floor canvas at all times that would require a canvas size that is too expensive.

We have two messy boys, so need something that is easy to clean and doesn’t show dirt. We have a light-colored house, and would like a light-colored canvas, but don’t want it to look dirty all the time.

 My Questions:

  • Is a floor canvas a good option if we are going to have rolling chairs roll on and off? 
  • Do you have any advice to increase our chances of success?
  • How do we best keep it clean?
  • How dark a background color do we need to camouflage the dirt?

The pattern we like best is Pattern A(below). but we could go with a darker background like Pattern B (although not as dark as Pattern B).

Cost estimate:

Can you provide a quote for a floor canvas with a pattern like the picture of Pattern A attached? We are on a budget, so will need to balance cost with concerns for the chairs pushing up the canvas.

6’ x 6’ = $ ?

6’6” x 6’6” = $ ?

7’ x 7’ = $ ?

 Note: These are wall paper samples. Does it make a difference in price if we use this pattern and repeat it with small leaves and flowers – like it would be on the wall paper or a few big leaves and flowers?  We have a very modern house so I’d like the pattern to be big enough that it feels modern, but not so big that the sample reflects the entire canvas.

Dear Karen,

I love your detailed letter, this is something I really enjoy responding to, so let’s go!

1) Rolling chairs- I use a putty tack to fasten the rug to the floor. I’ll attach a

Rolling Chairs on Canvas Rug

link to a video all about the installation and maintenance of the canvas rugs.

What this does is keeps the rug firm on the floor so a rolling chair or stumbling feet do not trip on the edges. I am attaching a photo of small round rugs used in a beauty salon, where the rolling chairs are used all day long and it has not had an adverse effect on the rugs.

2) How do you clean your wood floor?  The advantage of the canvas rug is that the rug can be swept or vacuumed along with the rest of the floor and mopped along with the rest of the floor, soap and water work best. I have also used SaniPine at times on my kitchen runner.

3) For hiding dirt it’s not so much the dark background that matters. I just installed a rug almost entirely black for a client with four dogs in the country. The dark can show up dirt as much as a light color. What we want to do is create a mottled effect on the background so the background is not one solid color. This technique makes it so smudges and smears don’t stand out as much.

Attached is a picture of a design with this sponged effect in the center.

4)  In designing a custom rug pattern I always ask how big do you want the pattern? The pattern shown can be reduced to half its size, or incrementally smaller. Each size of the pattern gives a different effect. I can understand you don’t want it to look too busy, yet a large pattern taking up the space of the entire rug would be lost under a kitchen table.

For this custom rug design I charge $15.00 per square foot. This does not include shipping.

6′ x 6′ = $540.00

6’6″ x 6’6″= $633.00

7′ x 7′= $735.00

Hope this helps!



To request a quote for a canvas custom rug or if you have questions or concerns about how to use canvas rugs in your home or place of business, please contact me.

* We will be adding more of these “Dear Artist” inquiries to the site as we feel they will help provide valuable information. What do you think…good idea?

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