Canvas Rugs Alfombras for Interior Design Costa Rica
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Custom RugsSelecting an area rug involves many considerations, one of which is its pattern or design and how it will affect the overall décor of a room, especially when designing custom rugs. With painted floor cloths or canvas rugs the possibilities are limitless yet it is important to keep in mind all other aspects of the room.

For example, what patterns and designs are in the curtains, the furniture?  Does the flooring itself offer a design in tile or wood grain? Are the walls neutral or full of color and are they decorated with art or wall hangings?

In Gaye’s home, she had floral patterned curtains and bold colorful stripes on the cushions for the chairs, so we chose a simple design for the living room area rug, incorporating the colors from the furniture and curtains ever mindful that the floor cloth did not compete with all the “movement” that was going on in the small room. The pattern and color choices also worked well with the ceramic tile flooring. The end result created an intimate area whereby the floor cloth provided the anchor in defining the space.

In one of my most recent custom rugs projects, a river rock design was requested for an area rug to be placed in a commercial Spa. Considering the overall size of the floor cloth, 8’ x 12’, I chose to paint a design of larger rocks, approximately 3” to 5” in a pattern applied using a stamp; the stamped design was placed atop a dark charcoal gray and black background. The designer loved the first design draft but asked for a smaller rock size, which I now term, my “pebble” design!

At this juncture, I was shown the palette to be used for the décor of the room where the floor cloth was to be placed, including curtains, upholstery and wall paint: a pale, sage green and golden bamboo. Originally, the client wanted to put in tile with a river rock design, but it turned out to be more costly and time consuming.

In place of the darker colors of the first design draft , I created a less heavy look with more hues of beige, lighter shades of grey and a mixture of browns with just a smattering of black. Applying a stroke of white paint onto the black pebbles provided a glimmer of light and depth, adding a natural strewn look of the black pebbles on this large area rug.

In fact, if you look at it long enough it looks as though this small pebble design on its large floor cloth surface has water actually running over it. It rather swims before the eye. This custom area rug provided the ideal floor treatment for the client by incorporating the colors they needed to pull the room together. The smaller pattern of the design gives the area movement and life and goes well with the solid colors used for the other decorating aspects of the room.

Initially, when working with designers for area rugs, I am not always privy to the entire décor they are working on for their client. By offering a first draft of a new design we have a starting place for both the size of the patterns and the exact colors required for custom rugs. It makes all the difference for interior designers in charge of creating the atmosphere desired.

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