Canvas Rugs Alfombras for Interior Design Costa Rica
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Many people who are looking for the best place to retire are taking a look at Costa Rica and specifically Costa Rica beaches. Costa Rica has two coasts and the translation of Costa Rica means Rich Coast. When I came to this country 34 years ago it was as a young woman in love with the tropics and looking for surf. I found myself on the Caribbean coast and met a young man who was starting up an ornamental plant business, with a farm on the beach. And so I stayed.

Living on Costa Rica beaches presents many more challenges then one can imagine as they dream of looking out on those tropical beaches with waves crashing. Salt air, the product of those waves creates a mist that can wreck havoc with your appliances and cars, covers your window screens, and generally makes everything moist. The good news is that the moist air is great for the skin!

Your furniture upholstery needs to be 100% cotton, preferably with removable covers that can be washed. Rattan and bamboo are a very tropical look, but not everyone wants a tropical look to match their life of living in the tropics!

But some people make their personal statement regardless of their tropical lifestyle, which is what one of my favorite clients, Mimi Bean, did. Mimi worked as an interior designer in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, one of the most popular design firms for Costa Rica beach residences. The high end clientele of this area crave the “Tropical Bali” look in their interior décor.

Mimi came home to chrome and modern design as a change from her daily fare. One of the things she incorporated into this look was a hand painted canvas rug with concentric circles. She wanted a canvas rug for several reasons:

  • First she loved the product and
  • She used her own home as a showcase for our canvas rugs.
  • She also had 6, yes, 6 small dogs and the canvas rug was an easy alternative for cleaning; no doggie hairs to tend with and “accidents” clean up easily.

Mimi tells her clients, “Laurel’s Original floor designs are great. The art is a second skin to the floor. They add the color and design a rug would without the cleaning hassle a pile rug has. They feel natural under bare feet and are perfect for custom design needs. Never worry about spilling a glass of wed wine again on the rug…just wipe it up and keep the party going!” Mimi really understands why canvas rugs are perfect for life along Costa Rica beaches.

There is the one big overlooked but all important, always present and ever lasting part of Costa Rica beach living, and that is …the sand! It adheres to floors and traditional rugs; unless you have a floor covering that you can sweep and mop you will be a slave to the vacuum. Canvas rugs can be a lifesaver.

Twenty years of living on one of Costa Rica’s beaches taught me many things, but the most important is that people do better having a more relaxed attitude about everything. The pounding of waves on the beach lulls you to sleep, the fresh (albeit salty) air is charged with energy giving ions. West Coast Rica beach at sunset, East Coast Costa Rica beach at sunrise, are both beautiful in their own way. But sand is pervasive and get’s into everything. Except canvas rugs.  :)

To make life a little easier incorporating canvas rugs for beach living allows more free time to enjoy Costa Rica beaches, east or west. Check out our canvas rugs designs page for tropical ideas to decorate your home.

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