Canvas Rugs Alfombras for Interior Design Costa Rica
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  • Custom Canvas Rugs Projects
  • October4th

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    Rugs: Transition from Fiber to Canvas

    gray rugs

    Creative Design Rugs

    I’ve always been an area rug type of woman. I love to decorate and, when I lived in the United States, I always liked the look of hardwood floors with area rugs on them. Having always lived in a climate with four distinct seasons, I had never contemplated area rug alternatives. And then I moved to Costa Rica.

    We brought only two area rugs with us but they were gorgeous and brand new. They looked fabulous, we loved them, but it immediately became clear that they were totally impractical in this climate. Not to mention three dogs going in and out of the house, and all of the mud that goes hand in hand with rainy season. And then I met Laurel and her canvas rugs; I knew they were the thing to have immediately. Read More | Comments

  • March29th


    Custom Kitchen Rug: Blue Mexican Tile

    Custom Kitchen Rug

    Last year I had posted about an interior designer from New York inquiring about one of my rug designs; she had ordered the Mexican tile design as a custom kitchen rug;  I had assumed it would be used for a Mexican décor project.

    With all orders that are shipped outside of the country or where I wouldn’t necessarily have access to either delivering or installing a canvas Read More | Comments

  • November5th

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    Costa Rica Home Sports African Art Designs

    Tribal art, African art, African tribal art, these are one of the most popular design themes in any country, including Costa Rica!  Art from Africa provides a wide variety for custom design ideas on large area rugs and other textiles for the home interior.

    Often people ask, “Where do you get your ideas for custom canvas rug designs?” and my answer is any and everywhere!

    When I come across a pattern, a combination of colors, a pretty scene, or just a piece of fabric, I take a photo and keep it in my treasure trove of canvas rug ideas. One such came from the back of a canvas chair with an African art motif. Read More | Comments

  • September21st

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    Out of Bounds Custom MatCustomized Door Mat

    A hotel and tourist center, Out of Bounds in Escazu, Costa Rica, was one of our very first clients for creating a custom door mat for their entrance.  A distinctive logo incoporates a green tree frog with a unique style to the hotel name… as if an off-road vehicle ran over it. Read More | Comments

  • May26th

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    Custom Rugs

    Custom Rugs

    Custom Rugs and Modern Interior Design

    Creating custom rugs of canvas, referred to as floor cloths, for a professional interior design project is often a collaborative effort between the client, an interior designer and the artist-rug maker, in this case, yours truly.

    Custom canvas rugs are not limited to traditional Read More | Comments

  • August3rd

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    Custom RugsSelecting an area rug involves many considerations, one of which is its pattern or design and how it will affect the overall décor of a room, especially when designing custom rugs. With painted floor cloths or canvas rugs the possibilities are limitless yet it is important to keep in mind all other aspects of the room.

    For example, what patterns and designs are in the curtains, the furniture?  Does the flooring itself offer a design in tile or wood grain? Are the walls neutral or full of color and are they decorated with art or wall hangings?

    In Gaye’s home, she had floral patterned curtains and bold colorful stripes on the cushions for the chairs, so we chose a simple design for the living room area rug, incorporating the colors from the furniture and curtains ever mindful that the floor cloth did not compete with all the “movement” that was going on in the small room. The pattern and color choices also worked well with the ceramic tile flooring. The end result created an intimate area whereby the floor cloth provided the anchor in defining the space. Read More | Comments