Canvas Rugs Alfombras for Interior Design Costa Rica
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  • Interior Design Ideas
  • March7th

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    Customize For a Natural Fiber Rug

    Natural Fiber Rug on Canvas

    A new client, an interior designer, informed me that she was looking for a natural fiber rug that, “…is not a natural fiber rug.”  Upon arrival to the studio she confessed, “I don’t know how this works, [creating a custom canvas rug] so I’ll just have to bumble along.”  For most interior professionals in Costa Rica, canvas rugs are a completely new and novel product; I assured the designer she was in good hands and that the process, as well as the end result, would prove to be a positive experience.

    Every design, idea or vision for a custom canvas rug is a new experience, which is why I enjoy this work so much!

    Because tropical homes are designed, usually, with an openness to incorporate Mother Nature’s setting (rain forest, beach, and mountain) there is an Read More | Comments

  • January17th

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    Runner Rugs

    Runner Rugs: A Place in Every Home

    Runner rugs are extremely versatile and serve many purposes in a home*. They provide a focal point or define an area of interest. They can also be placed in any room: in front of the kitchen sink, an entryway or hallway or flowing down a flight of stairs.  And such rugs can be changed with the seasons or per your mood! Read More | Comments

  • December21st

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    Zebra Rugs

    Zebra Rugs on Canvas: A Soft + Bold Design

    Reminiscing over 2011 and all the unique opportunities clients and friends have given me to create one-of-a-kind canvas rugs, I recalled in particular a black and beige stripe area rug painted for Frances. It was in fact, what many would consider a zebra rug, because of the flowing stripes. Traditional zebra rugs  bring to mind the feel Read More | Comments

  • October15th

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    Sea Shells Design B

    Baby Nursery Themes

    Baby Nursery Design Ideas

    Just recently on my Laurel’s Originals blog, I wrote about creative decorating ideas for baby nursery themes and decorating. It’s an idea, or niche, I plan to expand upon with my custom canvas rugs but for now, there are plenty of current designs that lend themselves perfectly to a baby’s nursery.

    As those of us who live in Costa Rica know, Read More | Comments

  • August2nd

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    Custom Rugs

    Custom Rugs

    Creating Custom Rugs for any Room or Décor

    Whether moving into a new house or remodeling your home, custom rugs provide a unique design aspect.  The following account is that of a recent project for that very thing.

    Susan recently completed the building of her new home, nestled amongst the trees on her coffee farm in Costa Rica. Read More | Comments

  • June22nd

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    Mexican Decor

    Mexican Décor Rug

    Canvas Area Rug Perfect for Mexican Décor

    A comment posted to one of our websites from an interior design professional was submitted inquiring about our canvas area rugs with an interest in a particular rug for a Mexican décor project.  Specifically, our Mexican Tile in blue.

    Often I am asked by interior designers about Read More | Comments

  • November14th

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    Interior Design Ideas

    Four Seasons Costa Rica Custom Rug

    Custom Rug Interior Design Ideas Generated for Four Seasons Costa Rica Condo

    Daniel, one of the top designers in the country, asked me to collaborate with him to generate some interior design ideas for a canvas custom rug; this project for a client’s beach condo at the prestigious Four Seasons, Costa Rica in Guanacaste, Read More | Comments