Canvas Rugs Alfombras for Interior Design Costa Rica
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  • Color and Design
  • November19th

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  • June16th

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    Canvas Rugs & Floor Tile Design Patterns

    Tile Design Patterns

    Creative Tile Rug

    Choosing floor tile design patterns for a home can be both exciting and daunting. The floor is the biggest component in an interior design project and often gets left until last unless the home is under new construction. But what to do when redecorating a home and the floor tile patterns are not to your liking?

    It can be more of a daunting task to change out old tiles. A client preparing the opening of her beauty spa wanted to change the floor tiles to a river rock tile design.  But she was renting the space and did not want to invest pulling up an entire floor. She opted instead for hand painted canvas rugs with a floor tile design pattern Read More | Comments

  • March27th

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    Creating Nature Art for Your Home Décor

    Costa Rica is an inspiration to many an artist; the plant and animal life of both ocean and jungle provides a wide array of bright and colorful design ideas from which to create, what I call, nature art for my floor cloths. There are also a plethora of design ideas drawn from the insect world. Read More | Comments

  • February19th

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    Stripe design

    Using Stripes for Interior Design Ideas

    The challenge: a creative interior design idea for a striped rug (on order by a local interior design company) that would prove elegant yet work well with different furniture styles and home décor.  This striped rug was to go on display within the interior design showroom. Read More | Comments

  • September3rd

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    Choosing Paint Colors: Floors and Walls

    choosing paint colorsThose pretty little rectangular paper paint swatches can be deceiving when it comes to choosing paint colors mostly because they do not reflect light. This applies to both wall paint and paint for custom rugs, or floor cloths.

    The best way to get a true representation of how a color will look is buying small amounts of various shades and applying them to fabric or wall. Alternatively, you could also tape the paper swatches to the wall (or floor), then,  throughout the day, check to see how the paint looks; the exact same color can look completely different depending on the natural light of the room. Read More | Comments