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Baby Nursery Themes

Baby Nursery Design Ideas

Just recently on my Laurel’s Originals blog, I wrote about creative decorating ideas for baby nursery themes and decorating. It’s an idea, or niche, I plan to expand upon with my custom canvas rugs but for now, there are plenty of current designs that lend themselves perfectly to a baby’s nursery.

As those of us who live in Costa Rica know, the typical flooring in many homes here is that of tile; when used in conjunction with cement walls, rooms have a tendency to be cooler.  This works great for the beach areas, but at higher elevations that coolness is not always appreciated. So, what, you may ask, do tile floors and tempertaures have to do with baby nursery themes?

I’ll try to tie this together…in a coherent way.  It has to do with color and the feelings evoked. When the expectant mother starts thinking about baby nursery themes, decorating a baby’s room for her new child, the choice of colors and designs can make an impact not only on the look but the overall feel of the room. (this would be true for any room)  In warmer climes, decorating in neutrals or blues or light greens provide a cool, soothing feel, where as in cooler areas, such as the mountains of Costa Rica’s central valley,  colors such as a rich burgundy or a deep forest green imparts a sense of warmth.

Now, most women would not be inclined to decorate a baby’s room with rich, dark colors. Typically, its blues and pinks or variations thereof that are selected. Bright and bold, almost festive designs and colors represent the decorating ideas for a new baby.  What I am suggesting is that for those cooler areas in homes that tend to be cool, including certain colors in the décor can give a more cozy and warm feel to the room. I’d recommend colors such as a salmon peach vs pink. Or a little bit of blue with brown.

Ideas for Baby Nursery Themes

As for baby nursery themes, there are as many ideas as there are characters at Disneyland.  One client, years ago, wanted to decorate her infant son’s room with a mural and hired me to paint a whimsical design on the cement walls.  We were in the Caribbean side of the country so I created an underwater scene with soft cool, colors that  included waving sea grass, snails, frogs, shells and fishes.  The baby responded most favorably to it, spending quiet time bobbing his little head around viewing his personal aquarium. Had I been creating canvas rugs at that time, I’m sure one of my designs, would have worked perfectly for this particular nursery theme.

Jungle Canvas Rug CAnother fun nursery theme for a child is that of a rain forest or jungle. Forgive me, it’s the part of the planet I live and thus am a little biased. But it’s true: kids love the rain forest and jungle!  All types of decorating details can be employed to create a baby’s little jungle:  colors for the wall, murals, framed prints, stuffed jungle animals and custom jungle rugs…like this one —–>

Ok…I get going with topics related to design, such as baby nursery themes, and have to stop myself at some point.  If adding custom rugs (and or curtains, wall hangings, pillows or cushions) for the new baby’s room, or anywhere else, view my designs page for some inspiration. Or contact me and let me help…design work on textiles is my passion!

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