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Welcome to Canvas Rugs ~Costa Rica!

An Introduction to Canvas Rugs

hotel rugsCanvas rugs have been around for hundreds of years throughout Europe, USA and Canada; however, they are quite new to Costa Rica. Over the past two and a half years, Laurel Anderson, a thirty year resident of Costa Rica, has been creating canvas rugs, introducing her interior design product to the general public, boutique hotels, businesses and a few selected interior design professionals.  Every rug is hand sewn, hand painted and made to order. They are, as customers have stated, “beautiful, unique, sturdy works of art for floors.”

Interior Designers of Costa Rica

This website was created initially as a tool for  interior design professionals in Costa Rica.  We have since expanded with a blog to encourage both interior designers and home owners  to engage in comments or questions about using canvas rugs, floor cloths.  Our goal is to introduce local interior designers to the versatility and benefits of canvas rugs.  Used as a tool this site can offer the option to  share design ideas for both the design professional and their clientele.

Interior designers are encouraged to utilize their creative talent in collaborating with Laurel for designing custom canvas rugs for clients, hotels, model homes or business interior design projects.

Please contact us for an appointment; Laurel will be delighted to give you a show-and-tell of the canvas rugs and discuss the numerous opportunities her product can provide for the interior design professional.

Navigating the Site

Included within this site you will find a Gallery of in-house designs,  photos of custom canvas rugs, and details of sizes, colors and custom options.  We recommend you review the design page to peruse our photo gallery of standard designs; the custom page for canvas rugs previously completed to help brainstorm with design ideas.  The sizes page outlines exact measurements of standard canvas rugs designs and the options available for creating custom canvas rugs.  Throughout the site you will discover information related to ordering canvas rugs and how the process works best for creating custom designs.

Our designers page is password protected and accessible only to interior design professionals whom have an established, working relationship with Laurel.  This page includes wholesale pricing for standard designs and sizes and provides the formula for determining the cost of a custom canvas rug. Call for an appointment.

On the right hand side of each page is a heading titled “Categories”. The sub titles beneath are posts made to our blog.  You’ll read about Laurel’s custom projects, stories of design inspiration and more.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site and become as excited as we are about canvas rugs and the variety they provide for interior décor.   Contact us with your questions.

We want to show you our canvas rug!  To arrange a meeting, please use the information provided on our contact page.